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“1. Ice cream. 2. Water fights. 3. Staying up past your bedtime and being allowed to watch TV.” That’s how the titular list in Every Brilliant Thing by Duncan Macmillan, playing at the Contemporary Theater Company in January 2017 begins.

The one-person show, starring Contemporary Theater Company Associate Artistic Director Ashley Macamaux, follows a woman from childhood to adulthood as she creates a list of all the brilliant things in the world that make life worth living. Along the way, the play deals with topics from depression and suicide to music and love.

“Duncan Macmillian has created a playground of life events for the actor to play as closely to their own lives as they want,” says Macamaux. “I am so honored to work on a show featuring so many of the relatable and important ups and downs we all go through.”

The show tackles interesting and important topics, while staying funny and sweet throughout.

“One of the really exciting parts of the show,” says director Maggie Cady, “is how interactive it is with the audience.”

Macamaux will spend the preshow talking with audience members and handing out pieces of paper with entries from the list of brilliant things that they will shout out when called on during the show. Audience members play everything from her school counselor to her dad, making the audience an integral part of the show.

“I can’t wait for people to join me in this show,” says Macamaux, “because you won’t just be watching the life of this character, you’ll be part of it too.”

The Contemporary Theater Company kicks off its 2017 Season with Every Brilliant Thing. Performance dates: Jan 12, 13, 20 at 7 pm, Jan 22 at 2 pm.