Performances: Oct 21, 28, Nov 4, 10-11, 16*-18 at 7 pm, Nov 12 at 2 pm
* indicates Pay-What-You-Can performance

Thank you to our Bravo! sponsor, Wakefield Music!

Photo by Seth Jacobson Photography

A brand new musical premieres every night as our performers take the stage. Everything is made up on-the-spot, and the actors know nothing about the show before it starts! Bravo! captures that magic and love of musicals with an incredible twist. Watch it unfold before your eyes, and hear it take shape!

The team behind Sweeney Todd is back together for a brand new project – creating a new musical every night! Directed by Christopher Simpson and Tiffany Fenton, music direction by Jean Maxon-Carpenter, starring Jason Shealy (Sweeney Todd) and Eden Casteel (Mrs. Lovett) alongside Christine Cauchon, Sophie Pearson, Clayton Michaud, Ryan Sekac, and Chelsea Swan.

Photo by Seth Jacobson Photography

This is our third fully improvised play format. We’ve previously performed audience favorites Slamming Doors: An Improvised Farce and Whodunit? An Improvised Murder Mystery. We’re taking it to the next level with an improvised musical. Everything is made up on-the-spot – plot, characters, dialogue, and in this case, songs! Solos, duets, group numbers – all composed onstage each night with our actors and orchestra.

People always wonder: how do you prepare for a fully improvised show? It often starts with research. You have to really know a genre – its form, its tropes, what makes it work. So we read, watched, and listed to dozens of musicals to prepare, from Oklahoma! to Hamilton.

We rehearse our improv as much as we rehearse any show. It takes a great deal of skill to create a complete play with only a simple suggestion to start. Often people think we have a few plots that we have in mind and choose one each night, but that is not the case at all. Every show is created from scratch from the creative minds of our improvisers as they go along! That means if you come more than once, you’re in for an entirely new play each time!

We can’t wait to share this show with you – we’ll discover it together!