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Improv Club (12-14 year-olds)
with Riley Cash

Jump into improv, learn the basics, and have a lot of fun in this club for 12-14 year olds! Collaborate and create onstage together in this class taught by some of our best improvisers!
Mondays, Mar 6 – May 1, 3 pm – 4:30 pm, $149, at 327 Main Street, Wakefield, RI

Saturday Morning Drama Club (7-11 year-olds)
with Maggie Papa and Charlie Santos

In this 8-week course, students gain skills in the different performance, design, and technical aspects of theater. It all leads up to their final performance, based on characters created by the students!
Saturdays, Jan 28 – Mar 25, 11:30 am – 1 pm, $149, at 327 Main Street, Wakefield, RI


Directing 101: The Fundamentals
with Christopher J Simpson

Directing is perhaps the most misunderstood and underappreciated aspect of theatrical production. In this course, we will examine the director’s responsibility to create safe and rewarding experiences in the rehearsal process that foster growth and discovery for actors and lead to rich and rewarding collaborations.

This course features a practical approach with strong theoretical underpinnings:

  • Each Sunday we will examine the necessary elements of an excellent and efficient rehearsal, and then create and dissect small projects designed to compel a director to explore their collaborative function and their capacity to exact specific changes through efficient and inspiring notes.
  • Each Monday one student will propose a full-length production.  After detailing the project, the student will conduct a simulated “first rehearsal” wherein they lead actors through initial explorations of key scenes.  The session includes peer feedback on the director’s proposal, demeanor, and efficacy.
  • Weekly assignments will include reading a full-length play, directing a small scene or playlet to present on Sunday, and supplemental reading. Each student will prepare a proposal for one Monday session.
  • The course will culminate in a presentation of final projects by all students.

Historically, this course has been a very successful tool for developing directors’ capabilities and preparing them to take on larger projects.

Jan 28 – Mar 21, Saturdays 10 am – 1 pm and Mondays 6 pm – 8 pm, $250, at 327 Main Street, Wakefield, RI


Improv 101
Christopher Simpson

Jump right into the “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” style fun in this hugely popular class. 101 is always a hit and has led scores of CTC stars to the stage. The perfect introduction for a first-timer. We have students ages 14-90 and all experiences! Try something new and have fun doing it!

Sundays, Jan 15 – Mar 19 (no class Feb 5 and 12), 6:15 pm – 7:45 pm, $149, at 327 Main Street, Wakefield, RI

Improv 202
with Christine Cauchon and Charlie Santos

Delve into the next level of improv with an exploration of genre, gibberish, status, and song – the building-blocks of great scenework! Build on the collaborative work of Improv 101 and discover new possibilities for work! Completion of Improv 101 or intructor permission is required.

Tuesdays, Jan 17 – Mar 7, 6:15 pm – 7:45 pm, $125, at 327 Main Street, Wakefield, RI

Improv 303
with Riley Cash and Maggie Cady

Hone the skills you gained in 101 to take your improv to the next level. Take a leap into the unknown! Learn new games, styles, and skills in the second of our series of improv classes. This time around, the focus is on the skills for Micetro and Gorilla Improv. Improv 101 completion or instructor permission required to attend.

Sundays, Jan 15 – Mar 19 (no class Feb 5 and 12), 8 pm – 9:30 pm, $125, at 327 Main Street, Wakefield, RI

Improv 404 
with Tim Mahoney

Stories are the building blocks of our world, and they are integral to our improv work. An exploration of narrative – how to build it, how to enjoy it, and how to make it work for you! Discover the driving force behind the improv we do, including longer-form stories that stretch our limits! Completion of Improv 101, 202, and 205 or instructor permission required.

Mondays, Jan 16 – Mar 6, 6:30 pm – 8 pm, $100, at 327 Main Street, Wakefield, RI

Other classes, stay tuned for when they return:

Wednesday Workshop (High School)
with Christopher J Simpson and Rebecca Magnotta

In this course, CTC Artistic Director Christopher J Simpson and 6th-year Ensemble Member Rebecca Magnotta will lead an ambitious team of high school students through a ten-week process to develop skills in effective communication, artistic expression, and problem solving, while exploring the fundamentals of both theater-making and acting. Students will work  collaboratively on both scripted and devised projects, and will benefit from the opportunity to attend final rehearsals of two CTC Mainstage productions.
Wednesdays, Oct 5 – Dec 14, 5:00 – 6:30 pm, Maximum Enrollment 12,  $149 ten-week course, at 327 Main Street, Wakefield, RI, Financial aid available.


Poets Speaking Up: Making Our Poems Come Alive
with Margie Flanders and Joanne Dorrance

A six-week workshop for beginning and experienced poets to explore new ways to write and find new expressions for our poetic voices. Using prompts, writing exercises, movement, breath and sound work, Joanne and margie will create a safe space for us to write, rewrite, and read our poems aloud to each other. Over the weeks, the emphasis will expand from writing in class to finding our authentic voices and learning to embody our poems to connect more deeply with an audience. Our work together will culminate in a free final performance (performing is optional).

Ages 17 and up, minimum enrollment of 6, maximum enrollment of 10


Drama Club Summer Camp (7-10 year-olds)
with Maggie Papa and Andrew Katzman

Loved our Brains on Main camp? We have more fun in store this summer! Students are immersed into the theater world, learning everything from acting to juggling to scenic painting with special guests! They’ll use this all in their final presentation of a play on Friday!

TBA, 9 am – 3 pm, $225 (snacks included, bring a lunch), at 327 Main Street, Wakefield, RI

Creative Drama Summer Camp (11-14 year-olds)
with Charlie Santos and Rebecca Magnotta

Enjoy a week of theater at the Contemporary Theater Company! Students will delve into a week of immersion into the theater world, learning everything from acting to improv to juggling to scenic painting and more! They’ll use this all in their final presentation of a play on Friday!

TBA, 9 am – 3 pm, $225 (snacks included, bring a lunch), at 327 Main Street, Wakefield, RI

Writing Summer Camp (9-13 year-olds)

with Andrew Katzman and Witt Tarantino

Over a week of camp, students ages 9-13 will learn to turn the creative ideas in their head into a real play! Students will work together to write a play over the course of a week with guidance from the instructor. Let your inner writer out!

TBA from 9 am – 3 pm, $225, (snacks included, bring a lunch)


Beginning Juggling
with Maggie Cady

Learn the basics of juggling in this fun and low-stress environment! We’ll delve into a three-ball cascade from scarves to bean bags, plus try out some other fun equiptment like diablos, flower sticks, and spinning plates! Learn at your own pace and advance – whether you learn in a day or six weeks, instructor Maggie Cady will tailor instruction to your needs!

Returning this summer!


Creative Drama (11-13 year olds)
with Michelle Mania

Students learn the important aspects of theater, performance, and storytelling in this 8-week-course! Instructors Amelia Giles and Michelle Mania lead students through a course of scenework, story-creating, and more. All experience levels welcome!

Enrollment for next session coming soon!, Wednesdays, 3 – 4:30 pm, $149, at 327 Main Street, Wakefield, RI

Shakespeare for Youth (4th-8th Grade)
with Michelle Mania

William Shakespeare: perhaps the greatest English-language playwright ever. Indimidating? HA! Students will fearlessly tackle the Bard led by veteran Shakespeare  actor/director Michelle Mania, culminating in performances of A Midsummer Night’s Dream on the patio!

Enrollment for next session coming soon!, $149, at 327 Main Street, Wakefield, RI

Young Actor’s Studio (14-18 year olds)
with Ashley Macamaux and Stephen Strenio

We cover theater basics from scenework to monologues for 14-18 year-olds in this course. Students will work on original plays from the CTC’s One-Hour Theater Challenge to prepare for a final performance. Students will get the full theater arts experience in this fantastic class.

Enrollment for next session coming soon!, $149, at 327 Main Street, Wakefield, RI

Public Speaking
with Christopher J Simpson

Refining your speaking skills enhances your visibility and your credibility. In this workshop, Chris brings years of theater training to the “real world” situations of networking, presenting, and leadership.

Playwriting 101: The Essentials

This class teaches students how to construct believable and engaging on-stage worlds, populated by credible and creative characters. From one-page scenes to three-act epics, learn how to craft plays that will surprise, move, and enrapture their audiences (or at least give them something juicy to talk about on the drive home.)