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10 am – 1 pm: Juliet & Juliet, Minneapolis – Improvised Shakespeare Intensive, Day 1 of 2

This two-day workshop will cover all the basics you need to improvise the Bard’s work as though you’ve stepped right out of the 16th century and into an improv scene. We’ll get familiar with Shakespeare’s work, then explore and play with some of the basic building blocks, including wild metaphors, bold monologues, and passionate characters.

We’ll teach you some of our favorite warm-ups and exercises we do before every show to help immerse ourselves in Shakespeare’s language and characters, then dig into advanced metaphor and simile, working with the historic and mythological sources Will drew from to inform both his language and his stories. From there we’ll move on to playing with the shape and tone of Shakespeare’s work, and we’ll explore how your own interests and values can shape your stories and your shows.

Our workshops are for anyone who wants to explore how presentation and delivery can change an audience’s experience of your show, for anyone interested in using improv to explore another art they love, or for anyone looking to shake up their improv with a new approach to scenework. The workshop students will all perform together in a showcase in a show at the festival!

Ocean State Improv Festival Workshops

10 am – 1 pm: Kirsten King from Dark Side of the Room from Atlanta, GA – Authenticity and Newness

In this workshop, we focus on not being afraid of the new in scenes. We’ll be playing popular games in different ways that you may or may not have played before and maybe playing something you have never heard of. Often, we hear, “well that’s not how I play it” or “I’ve never played it that way before” – we’re actively doing things differently. The Authenticity variable focuses on being your authentic self in scenes and how our scenes can sometimes be (and I encourage to be) little slices or snapshots of our lives. In the workshop we foster individuality and just being who we are as individuals, putting that at the core of everything we do.

Ocean State Improv Festival Workshops

2 pm – 4 pm: Keith Munslow, Providence Improv Guild – Musical Intensive, Day 1 of 3 *Class Is Full

Renowned musician, storyteller, and accompanist and director of the Providence Improv Guild Musical Group, Keith Munslow will teach his signature musical intensive course. In three days, you’ll learn how to sing your way through scenes, how to provide musical support for your scene partners and much more. Workshop students take the stage during the festival to show what they’ve learned over the week in a Musical Intensive Showcase!

2 pm – 5 pm: Kaisa Kokko – New Ensemble Workshop, Day 1 of 2 *Class Is Full

Kaisa Kokko, international teacher and improviser extraordinaire, leads a group of strangers to becoming a fully fledged ensemble in a two-part workshop. In a magical, ephemeral performance, the ensemble makes its debut onstage – never to perform together again. Building off what the group finds most interesting, Kaisa leads the ensemble to a satisfying and unifying performance format!



10 am – 1 pm: Juliet & Juliet – Improvised Shakespeare Intensive, Day 2 of 2

10 am – 1 pm: Parallelogramophonograph from Austin, TX – Villainy *Class Is Full

Learn how fun it is to be bad. In this workshop, Parallelogramophonograph will teach you how to play downright evil characters on stage that the audience will love to hate. It’s easy enough to play a 2-dimensional bad guy, but for true evil to shine in all its dark glory, your characters must be rooted in truth, and be compellingly unique individuals.
Learn to:
· create a fully fleshed out origin for your villain
· react properly to evil actions done on stage
· make your monsters more human

2 pm – 4 pm: Keith Munslow – Musical Intensive, Day 2 of 3 *Class Is Full

2 pm – 5 pm: Kaisa Kokko – New Ensemble Workshop, Day 2 of 2 *Class Is Full

2 pm – 5 pm: Christopher J. Simpson, Artistic Director of the CTC – Have More Fun!

“The best improvisor is the one having the most fun.”

Your audience’s enjoyment doesn’t just come from the content of your scenes – it also comes from the tightrope-style spectacle of acting without a script. Your audience came to see the magic of improv, so lean into it!
As helpful as it can be, all the technique in the world can’t make a show joyful. Technique can be impressive, but it isn’t automatically fun. Take a break from training your skills, and learn to value having more fun – your audiences will thank you!
These skills are easily transferable to improv of all styles and lengths. Push your limits in a positive direction and learn new skills and exercises to bring back to your group.
A recent student said: “This was one of the best workshop I have attended since I discovered [improv]…” (Steel Stacks Improv Festival, 2016)

Ocean State Improv Festival Workshops


10 am – 1 pm: Ryan Hartigan, University of Nebraska at Omaha – Theatresports *Class Is Full

Activate your team! Join the Fellowship and pledge your axe and your bow as you’ll be guided by an exiled hobbit. If you’ve ever wondered how to make the most of your team and “use your bench,”we’ll be investigating ways to “have a job to do” by using the form of Theatresports, often jokingly referred to as “the metric system of improv,” and played in scores of countries worldwide. The workshop will be as much about us developing a hunt-as-a-pack attitude, looking at how we might support and take risks together, as it will be about a specific introduction to Theatresports, and will be useful to everyone from beginners wanting to develop their confidence through to advanced players who want to form teams and develop long term ensemble playing. Join us!

10 am – 1 pm: Parallelogramophonograph – Narrative Intensive Day 1 of 2 *Class Is Full

Join Kaci, Kareem, Roy, and Valerie for a weekend improv intensive you don’t want to miss. Narrative improvisation, long-form improv that tells a story, is the bread-and-butter of the award-winning work Parallelogramophonograph does. After over 10 years and over 600 shows together performing in over 30+ cities across the world, PGraph has honed their very own brand of improvisational theatre using intuitive storytelling, complex relationships, bold characters, and highly-connected group mind. In this intensive you’ll buckle down for a fun and immersive weekend learning PGraph’s favorite exercises, methods, theories, and tricks for creating improvised plays on the spot.

2 pm – 4 pm: Keith Munslow – Musical Intensive, Day 3 of 3 *Class Is Full

2 pm – 5 pm: Ben Rameaka, Airwolf, UCB – Eventé *Class Is Full

Learn the form the Eventé as performed by Airwolf at UCBTNY. Starting with a big event at the top of your show, flash backwards in time, fully exploring all the offers in that first scene until returning to the original source scene as the uproarious conclusion of your set.

2 pm – 5 pm: Cris Gray from Dark Side of the Room from Atlanta, GA – Improv for Writers

Ever wanted to combine your love of writing with your love of improv? Figure out how improv can get you out of a writer’s block? In this workshop, we’ll work on using improvisation to develop written narrative, scenes, and dialogue.

Ocean State Improv Festival Workshops


10 am – 1 pm: Parallelogramophonograph – Narrative Intensive Day 2 of 2 *Class Is Full


10 am – 1 pm: Kaisa Kokko – Getting Closer *Class Is Full

We see wonderful scenes in films and on theater stages portraying (romantic) love, but for some reason this rarely happens in improv. Most of the time improvisers will avoid these situations or turn them into gaggy comedy. How can we express deep believable feelings on stage and get the audience to ”aww” with us? How can we get more comfortable touching and being touched by each other? How will we beat the fears concerning intimacy on stage and let ourselves tell the full stories of our characters?
This workshop concentrates on honing our skills in love scenes, experiencing and exploring closeness on stage and sharing our fears, insights and ideas on the theme. By creating a safe environment we have a wonderful possibility to learn more about getting closer.