Dates: June 7 – June 11, 2017

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Festival Details

The five-day Ocean State Improv Festival brings together artists and troupes to create an interconnected community that teaches, learns, inspires, and performs together on Rhode Island’s beautiful southern coast!

  • Nightly performances showcase the fantastic talents of performers from all over the world.
  •  A broad slate of workshops and multi-day intensives by top-flight teachers immerse you in new experiences, passions, and a worldwide network of inspiring collaborators.
  • “Mixer shows” (Theatresports, Micetro, Gorilla, and the Duo Bracket Challenge) and workshop showcases let individual artists and members of troupes perform alongside new friends.

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Show Schedule


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7 pm: Kate & Casey (Providence), An Englishman and a Belle (Austin and London), Silly Stuff & Other Bits (Wakefield), Juliet & Juliet (Minneapolis)

9:30 pm: Bait & Switch (Wakefield), The Bit Players (Newport), Dark Side of the Room from Dad’s Garage (Atlanta)


7 pm: Mona and Shara Do Improv (San Francisco), Fool’s Pudding (Providence), Mendenhall (Seattle), WilburWilburNealbur (Wakefield), Large Mouth Bass from Providence Improv Guild (Providence)

9:30 pm: Gorilla – Five directors from five theaters, one winner!



5 pm: Up in the Attic (Providence), The Rumour Cauldron (Hartford), Mom Not Included (Providence), Showcase from the Shakespeare Intensive Workshop

7 pm: Airwolf from UCB (New York), Dark Side of the Room (Atlanta), Parallelogramophonograph from the Hideout Theatre (Austin)

9:30 pm: All-Star Micetro (Maestro) – 16 Players from across the festival, one winner!

11 pm: Denim Ham (Omaha), Three Different Savers (Providence), Crisis: An Improvised Comic Book (New York), Serious Theatre with Real Actors (Wakefield)



5 pm: Real Mature (Providence), The Matriarchy (Austin), An Englishman and a Belle (Austin and London), Showcase from the Musical Intensive Workshop

7 pm: Large Mouth Bass (Providence), Juliet & Juliet (Minneapolis), Parallelogramophonograph

9:30 pm: Theatresports Match – featuring RI Interscholastic Improv League, and teams from across the festival!

11 pm: Showcase from the New Ensemble WorkshopSorry Not Sorry (Albany), Airwolf (New York)



1:30 pm – 5:30 pm: Duo Bracket Challenge on the Performance Patio with Whalers Brewing Company

Duo Bracket Challenge: Over the fest, folks pair up and submit new duos; 16 are selected for the bracket challenge. Duos are pair head-to-head, and each gets 6 minutes on stage. The audience votes for who moves on.


The Ocean State Improv Festival is focused on providing opportunities to create a community of improvisers that teaches, learns, inspires, and performs together!

For full descriptions and registration for workshops, click here.

Workshop Schedule


10 am – 1 pm: Juliet & Juliet, Minneapolis – Improvised Shakespeare Intensive, Day 1 of 2

10 am – 1 pm: Kirsten King from Dark Side of the Room from Atlanta, GA – Authenticity and Newness

2 pm – 4 pm: Keith Munslow, Providence Improv Guild – Musical Intensive, Day 1 of 3

2 pm – 5 pm: Kaisa Kokko, Finland – New Ensemble Workshop, Day 1 of 2 *Class Is Full


10 am – 1 pm: Juliet & Juliet – Improvised Shakespeare Intensive, Day 2 of 2

10 am – 1 pm: Parallelogramophonograph from Austin, TX – Villainy *Class Is Full

2 pm – 4 pm: Keith Munslow – Musical Intensive, Day 2 of 3

2 pm – 5 pm: Kaisa Kokko – New Ensemble Workshop, Day 2 of 2


10 am – 1 pm: Ryan Hartigan, University of Nebraska at Omaha – Theatresports

10 am – 1 pm: Parallelogramophonograph – Narrative Intensive Day 1 of 2 *Class Is Full

2 pm – 4 pm: Keith Munslow – Musical Intensive, Day 3 of 3

2 pm – 5 pm: Ben Rameaka, Airwolf, UCB – Eventé

2 pm – 5 pm: Cris Gray from Dark Side of the Room from Atlanta, GA – Improv for Writers


10 am – 1 pm: Parallelogramophonograph – Narrative Intensive Day 2 of 2 *Class Is Full

10 am – 1 pm: Kaisa Kokko – Getting Closer



Southern Rhode Island is a beautiful and exciting area, and June is the perfect time to enjoy it! There will be planned group outings like trips to some of the dozens of local beaches, kayaking and paddle boarding, a trip to Newport featuring the Cliff Walk along the cliffs overlooking the ocean and the adjacent Newport Mansions, a ferry ride and afternoon on Block Island, hiking and bird watching, and other exciting trips around the great Ocean State!


We are located in Wakefield, Rhode Island in beautiful South County. Driving: We are 20 minutes off of I-95. Detailed directionsTrain: Kingston Station on the Northeast Corridor of Amtrak is 15 minutes from the theater. Wickford Station on the commuter rail from Boston is 15 minutes from the theater. We will have transportation from the stations available if you let us know your arrival time. Air: Providence T.F. Green Airport is half an hour from the theater, and Boston Logan Airport is an hour and a half from the theater. We will have transportation from the airports available if you let us know your arrival time.

Tickets and Fees


Single-Show Prices:

Base Price – $10

Headliner Shows (7pm Fri & Sat) – $20


Day Pass – Wed & Thurs – $15, Fri & Sat – $25

Festival All-Access Pass – $60, T-shirt, Brunches with performers, Whaler’s Party


Workshop Fees:

Parallelogramophonograph Narrative Intensive:  $99/6 hours
Other Workshops: $12/hour for first 6 hours of workshops, $8/hour after that

Have any questions about the festival? Feel free to contact us at!