All the audience members of the world will look up and shout “Save us,” and we’ll look down and whisper “Yes, and.”

CRISIS: AN IMPROVISED COMIC BOOK is half improv comedy and half superhero serial, with all of the strengths of both worlds but none of their weaknesses. CRISIS asks their audience to be the Uncle Ben to their Peter Parker and inspire them… with a one-word suggestion they use to create the origin story and exciting adventures of a never-before-seen superhero in the style of reading a graphic novel from cover to cover.

Ever since that fateful night when Matt Kerstetter, Kevin Tully, and Mark X Guinn witnessed the murder of all of their parents at once in an alley behind an improv comedy theater, they swore together to become more than men. They have honed their improv skills among wolves in the Yukon wilderness where they were kidnapped by a secret organization that conducted terrible experiments on them to augment their “Yes, And” skills beyond the normal human limit. ¬†After they escaped, a wizard sent them to the past when they all punched Hitler at the same time before returning them to present-day America. By day they are millionaire playboy-philanthropists, and by night they are the improv team CRISIS! When their powers unite they are able to accomplish what no one of them can do alone, and improvise the origin story and adventures of a never-seen-before superhero in the style of reading a graphic novel.

Performance: Friday at 11 pm