An improv duo from Minneapolis, MN, Juliet & Juliet perform never-before-seen plays in the style of The Bard himself.

Our two Juliets, Meghan and Sami, are drawn together by a mutual love of language and classic literature.

12186604_1690015801228004_310518077093337361_oSami and Meghan met in Manners & Misconduct: Improvised Jane Austen, where their mutual love of verbal sparring and oddball speeches inspired them to start Juliet & Juliet. Sami has a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre from the University of Wisconsin- Eau Claire, where she founded the student improv team “Backwards Thinkers Society”. Since graduating in ’13, she’s been doing professional and amateur theatre and improv in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. Sami loves potatoes, Harry Potter, and dead British writers. Meghan is the director of multi-season sold-out shows Manners & Misconduct: Improvised Jane Austen and The Life Impromptu: Improvised Wes Anderson. She’s also a member of Star Trek: The Next Improvisation and CSz Twin Cities. She specializes in developing structures and exercises that suit genre narrative and is currently pursuing an MFA in writing.

Performances: Wednesday at 7 pm, Saturday at 7 pm

Workshop: Improvised Shakespeare Intensive – 10 am – 1 pm – Thursday and Friday
*Workshop group performs Friday at 5 pm