Kilimanjaro Cast

Kilimanjaro formed after 9 fresh faced, new improv students met each other in their 101 level class at PHIT. After connecting immediately, the 9 students decided to form an independent team once the class ended. After that, the rest is history even though that history is about a year old and not known outside of the city of Philadelphia…yet.

Kilimanjaro Logo
They perform a Harold and have a variety of playing styles on their team.

“While it may sound cliche, our number one focus at all times is making sure that we support the crap out of each other on stage.”

They tend to play believable characters that have honest emotions but are not afraid to go a little wacky from time to time. They have been performing for about a year and plan to continue to do so for the rest of eternity.

Performance: Wednesday at 7 pm