All performances at 7 pm

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Story on Main

Mar 2: Hear Me Roar, Directed by Kelly Robertson

Hear Me Roar is a devised theatrical performance in which local artists perform their own manifestos. These artist manifestos, defined as “a public declaration of the intentions, motives, or views of an artist or artistic movement,” are not only inspiring and vulnerable, but the performers (some of which are stepping on stage for the first time) also created masterful movement, adding a spectacle to accompany their writing. Ultimately, the show is a jam-packed hour of unbelievable talent from people just like you – Hear Me Roar is a chance to follow their journey and reignite your own.

Mar 9 & 16: The Big Chase, Directed by Neal Leaheey

Step back through time into a thrilling web of steamy intrigue where people may not be what they seem and crimes are solved before your very eyes as improvisation and film noir intersect in – The Big Chase!
One of our performers begins the evening as a Private Detective. Only the remaining performers themselves know who among them is a dangerous criminal. It’s up to the detective to actually find the guilty party and unravel the mystery while the other characters on stage tell the story free from any traditional expectations about gender roles. Join The Big Chase and do your best to keep up…or else you might be the next victim to fall!

Mar 25 at 1 pm: Poets Speaking Up

Come to an afternoon of poetry performed with passion all on the theme “Living for Today: Finding Your Mojo.” This event is always a wonderful and powerful afternoon showcasing local poets for a local cause! This year, the presenters have chosen the Contemporary Theater Company as the non-profit recipient. We are thrilled and honored to host this event once again. Tickets available at the door.

Mar 30 & 31: Insect by Claudia Bach, Directed by Ryan Sekac

Insect is an existential crisis played in one act. Examine the case of Hattie and Cleo, two women in post World War II Britain who have more years behind than ahead. Their life together is simple, filled with tea and encyclopedias, and memories of their own past. When Hattie is bitten by a bug she cannot recognize, her pursuit of what will become of her from the bite leads to important questions about how we live, who we are, and what to do with the time we have.