Because the CTC is a 501(c)3 non-profit, every donation is tax-deductible.

Photo by Seth Jacobson Photography, Imogen, Shakespeare on the Saugatucket 2017, supported by donations and sponsors

Because affordability is so important to us, ticket sales only make up 37% of our budget. Donations are vital to our continued success.

We believe that theater has the power to provoke change, enrich lives, and build a community.

Already in 2017, donations have allowed us to…

  • produce 150 performances with tickets of $10 or less.
  • provide financial aid for over 40 students to take classes.
  • support 3 interns in a summer of learning.
  • engage more than 850 audience members in free performances on the riverfront patio.
  • donate over 500 tickets to local charities.

Please consider supporting us and the Wakefield community by making a donation today.


Donate now and support the CTC

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The CTC is a small, local, non-profit theater that believes in opportunities for everyone.

We keep our ticket prices and class fees low, but we still believe that paying artists is important for our work, for our artists, and for our community. Donations help us fulfill our promises to our audiences and artists, while growing each and every year.

Donations ensure that we can pay the staff necessary to provide the wide-array of programs that we do. We have more performances per year than any other theater company in Rhode Island. We have shows every weekend of the year, and feature everything from scripted shows to family shows to our Wakefield Idol singing competition to free Shakespeare on the patio! We want to be a place where everyone in the community can feel welcome. All of this is a huge undertaking for a small staff of four full-time employees.

Your donations help us be able to focus on making our work the best it can be, and creating a space for everyone at the CTC.



2016 Donors

Benefactors ($10,000+)

Gina Catalano

Ruth & Hal Launders Trust

Diamond ($5,000+)
Rosemary & Terry Simpson

Emerald ($2,500+)

Eden Casteel & Ron Cowie, Eve Guernsey, James Gentner & Bob McDermott

Brian & Kathy Simpson, The Walker Family

Platinum ($1,000+)

Cynthia Clancy, Andrew & Judith Strenio, Lise Iwon, James & Sharon Seymour

Karen Ellsworth, Renny Simpson, Alfred Verrecchia

Gold ($500+)

Noel & Patti Simpson, Rita & Tim Webb, Beverly Hodgson & John Leventhal, Marc Popkin

Michael Boyce, Catherine Wilson, The Bucci Family, Grace Dailey, David Goss

Paul & Chelle Kassabian, Jill McGuire, Narragansett Rubbish, Austin Smith, The White Family Foundation

Silver ($250+)

The Gilmartin Family, Carla Davis, Susan Marcus, Gail Meisner & Ira Kulman, David & Christine Varjian
Lisa & Rich Bourbonnais, In Honor of Mitchell Berman, Ryan Sekac, Samuel & Hilary Albert, Belmont Market
Robert & Vanne Cowie, Brandon & Vinka Craver, Mary Eddy, Lois & Jim Foley, Joseph & Deborah Geaber, Walter & Mary Gray
Bill & Marion Kulik, John McDaid, Brian McGinnis, Deb Mello, Sue Van Ness, Neil & Mary Philbin, Steve & Sylvia Schoenbaum

Bronze ($100+)

Stephen Strenio, Stephen & Mary Lou Alfred, Cynthia Almonte, Tim & Anne Cashman, Kim & John Churas, Shaun & Linda Curry
Gordon & Marjorie Foer, Jean Maxon-Carpenter, Annie Powell, Tim & Kathy Rancourt, Thomas Sawyer & Pam Christman
John & Margaret Skenyon, Lynn Swanson, Linda Thomas, Joanne Lynch, AAA Southern New England
In Honor of Christine Cauchon, Michael Alper & Zachary Berger, Deborah Wepman, Marie Baguchinsky & Ron Giles
Len Katzman & Jhodi Redlich, Crazy Burger, Mark & Reiko Wimbush, Kathleen Sweeny, Janine & Andy Boyce
Deborah Doolittle, Emilie Holland & Charlie Westcott, Leslie Deering, Christine & Taylor Ellis, Marc Archambault
Roger & Inga-Lill Ashley, Karen & Richard Black, Sylvia Blanda & Walter Young, Walter & Janet Boyle, Barbara Briggs
Nancy & Rick Burroughs, Robert Cocroft, Louise Kiessling Fair, Kenneth Hartt, Barbara Holtzman, Jill Jones, Neal Leaheey
Dianne Lemay, Sophie Lewis, Elizabeth Maclean, Chris Maxwell, Eric McLaughlin, Sean Reilly, Steven & Mary Roth
Ryan Stevenson, William & Judy Taft, Teresa Tanzi, Gayle Tarzwell, Troy West & Claudia Flynn, Cheryl Wojciechowski