Saturdays, Jan 27 – Mar 17, Mar 23-24 at 7 pm

Photo by Seth Jacobson Photography

Classic whodunits with a twist: it’s all improvised! Our actors weave webs of secrets, deception, and mystery as we wind our way through a different murder each week. Last year’s Whodunit? was a huge success, and we’re thrilled to solve new mysteries this year!

Whodunit? explores the world of murder mystery. The directors and cast work together to develop the show over months of rehearsal. In the first round of Whodunit? in 2017, the cast chose the setting of the post-war 1940s. The cast had character names, professions, and costumes that stayed the same each week, but everything else was made up on-the-spot. Relationships, plot, and even the victim and murderer were different every night.

Audiences loved Whodunit? with lots of large crowds and audience members who returned again and again because it’s a new show each night!

This year’s setting? We’ll have to wait and see! But one thing is for sure – not everyone will survive the night…