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Wakefield Idol

Posted on Nov 20 by

Are you a singer? Sign up to sing in this year’s Wakefield Idol and have the chance to win $1,500! Are you an excited audience member? Season tickets are available now and make a great Christmas...


Mrs. Bob Cratchit’s Wild Christmas Binge

Posted on Oct 28 by

Starting to feel that holiday stress? You’re not alone. Even Mr. and Mrs. Bob Cratchit are feeling it in Mrs. Bob Cratchit’s Wild Christmas Binge! The Contemporary Theater Company in Wakefield is bringing back this audience favorite by Christopher Durang, running December 1 – 23. “Mrs. Bob Cratchit is one of our favorite shows because it mixes a genuine love of the holidays with a ruthless exploration of the things that are most frustrating about the season,” says Artistic Director Christopher Simpson. “The show gives us permission to be imperfect and to be happy at the same time. And it’s really, really funny.” Mrs. Bob Cratchit’s Wild Christmas Binge by Christopher Durang takes everything you know and love about Christmas, A Christmas Carol, and the pressure of the holidays and turns it on its head. All your favorite characters are still around – Scrooge, the Ghost of Christmas Past, the Cratchit family – but with cheeky twists. The Ghost can’t get her magic to work, Mrs. Bob Cratchit is a bitter, over-worked mother, and Scrooge – well she’s as...


Bravo! An Improvised Musical

Posted on Sep 1 by

The music soars and the actors all come together for the triumphant finale, which none of them have ever sung before! Everything is created onstage in the moment in the Contemporary Theater Company’s fall production, Bravo! An Improvised Musical, playing October 14 – November 18. Tickets available here. A brand new musical premieres every night as these performers take the stage. Everything is made up on-the-spot, and the actors know nothing about the show before it starts. Bravo! captures that magic and love of musicals with an incredible twist. This is the Contemporary Theater Company’s third fully-improvised play format. They have previously performed audience favorites Slamming Doors: An Improvised Farce and Whodunit? An Improvised Murder Mystery, which will return this January. Bravo! An Improvised Musical takes it to the next level with songs as well as plot, characters, and dialogue all made up on-the-spot. “It’s been incredible listening to the cast in rehearsals,” says stage manager Maggie Cady. “We have such talented musicians creating new songs and the plot of a whole play each night!” The team behind the company’s 2015 production of Sweeney Todd is...


An Iliad

Posted on Sep 1 by

The Iliad and The Odyssey, attributed to Homer, are among the oldest stories we have. Their tales are timeless – how war tears us apart, and the difficulty of putting life together after. An Iliad, Homer’s work brought to life by a modern storyteller in a one-man show, brings the Greeks and Romans to the stage of the Contemporary Theater Company this fall. Tickets available here. In An Iliad by Lisa Peterson and Denis O’Hare, a modern storyteller relays this classic. A strong anti-war message is at the heart of this play, performed by a single actor and a musician – the muse. Matt Fraza takes on this tour-de-force role, which he has played before. “I first saw An Iliad when I took a group of students to the premiere in 2010,” says Communications Director Maggie Cady. “I fell in love with it then, and I’m so excited that we’re bringing it to our audience now.” The previews for the production, Fridays September 8 – 29 at 7 pm, will be staged on the Contemporary Theater Company’s outdoor performance...



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